For a normal hire you need to hire a recruitment agency, then you need to wait for the resumes to be selected and send to you via multiple agencies, which cost you a fortune. Then your resources interviews them and it can happen the day he/she is scheduled to join you; join somewhere else. You then need to go through the same process again and cost you your time, money your delivery dates. Apart from that you don’t know the person you are hiring will be able to do the job.

We have a simple process; you contact us, go through the profiles. Then we will contact you to go through your needs and provide you the best resource with a network of all the domain experts and technology experts.

When you hire a person from us, he would be able to arrange the answer for all your needs. If there is any gap because of any technology or you want to do a POC in a technology, our experts can do that, without hiring them on a long time contract and then you can take your decision. For a normal hired candidate getting a POC done cost you a lot if you do not choose that technology for your future services.