You already know that growing your company is a complex undertaking. You don't need anyone to tell you that. What you do need is a team of individuals who work as one, complete organism dedicated to your current needs while providing and monitoring goals. To keep one's eye on the future while firmly standing on the ground of the present is T. T.'s sole mission.

Cost/Time Effective Solution
As a developing company itself T.T. is in a position to provide it's clients with reasonably priced solutions for their every need. At the same time our diverse and deep consultant roster will bring forth the most effective solutions for client needs quickly. Time is money and T. T. delivers on time or sooner. As we help you grow your business we can grow ourselves. We know what you are going through. Let us grow with you.

Gap Analysis
Comparing current or "actual" performance against potential desired performance is a process that has been the purview of Accounts. But now with the need for closer integration between all parts of your business monitoring growth requires more aggressive tactics. Communication between all domains at T. T. will help you develop a fully realized and ongoing Gap Analysis plan allowing your company to grow and flourish.

Change Management (CM)
Change is inevitable in the market itself and in your business. If you don't grow you die and change is part of that growth process. T. T. will help you determine the need for change and help you prepare and plan for required change. We can advise you on implementing and sustaining this change. Stress between departments and to individual employees can be managed and reduced with a clear plan for CM allowing for thoughtful and controlled growth.

Feasibility Analysis
Change and growth require capital investment and staff. Attaching costs to these identified needs is fundamental. Don't gamble with unfocused or untested methods for growing your company. Let the motivated people at T. T. help you develop a plan for expanding your business and controlling the utilization of capital investment and expenditures.