Most Investment consulting firms provide these three services; credit ratings, research, and risk analysis. That would be fine if this was the year 1900. Technology Trend's approach evolves more information than can be found in credit reports. As a cutting edge technology firm ourselves, with a stable of multi-disciplined associates and resources beyond the walls of our facility, Technology trend is able to evaluate every aspect of a business you may perceive as a possible investment. Utilizing integrated financial markets, technical analysis of public record including market presence and depth, exposure of customer interaction history, and insurance policies and derivative transactions provide development of our predictive ratings.

For Second Opinion
Evaluation of a company's portfolio will allow you to see if your target investment is achieving their financial goals. Do they clearly have a plan for the future with change and growth in mind. You will achieve a foundation from which can make informed decisions and answer that "What If" questions.

For Cost / Time Estimation
Technology trend will quickly provide you with cost and time estimation of our analysis. Whether you have a strategy in mind or want to relay completely on our methods we can bring you a profile for combining your input with our expertise to quickly and economically review your next investment.

­ Project Review
Once we have a plan for providing the analysis you require our Project Managers will consult with you presenting possible approaches and outcomes that can be expected. Working closely with our clients is one of the attributes we pride ourselves in at Technology Trend.

­ Quality Assurance
Our Quality Assurance Team continually reviews past client results and input in order to evolve and keep our methods current. This includes taking in and evaluating each new tool for providing clients with sustained satisfaction including re-review of long term investments to keep your portfolio current with the highest return for your investment.